Ben Cooper and an 80’s Plastic Halloween


We donned our best plastic for Halloween. Ben Copper produced monster, superhero, TV and movies-themed costumes in the 80s.

Ben Cooper had been called the “Halston of Halloween” and the “High Priest” of Halloween until the Tylenol murders of 1982. In September, seven people died after taking Tylenol. Investigators discovered that someone had tampered with the product, lacing it with potassium cyanide. Terrified parents nationwide refused to allow their children to celebrate Halloween the following month. Sales of costumes plummeted and did not recover for several years.

Sales increased in the late 1980s. How, it was not enough to save Ben Cooper. In 1988, financial problems became so severe for the costume maker that many customers had left the firm and diverted licenses and business to its biggest competitor, Collegeville. The company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on March 13, 1988.