Cookie Crisp Cereal


In the 80s, we had the Cookie Crisp Crook and Officer Crumb. Cookie Jarvis was the cereal mascot before the crook and cop duo.

In the early 1990s, the Cookie Crook was given a sidekick named Chip the Dog. Chip would howl the cereal’s name in each ad before he and his master were inevitably foiled by Officer Crumb. Despite starting as a sidekick, Chip soon began getting larger parts in the ads, until finally, in 1997, he took over as the main mascot for the cereal, and the Cookie Crook and Officer Crumb were dropped altogether.

In 2005, Chip was radically redesigned, gaining a change in both attitude and species. He is now Chip the Wolf, a slim gray wolf in a red sweater and blue pants.