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Kid of the 80s

We loved our Roller Racer in the 80s.

Roller Racer was originally known as Flying Turtle in the 70s. It invented by a retired Boeing engineer as a gift for his grandson, using a tractor seat for the prototype toy.

The Flying Turtle/Roller Racer is still available today.

Kid of the 80s


Dressed in blue and white, we maneuvered Dig Dug underground, overinflating Pookas and dropping rocks on Fygars.

The popular arcade game was planted in U.S. arcades in May 1982 by Atari. To kick off the launch, ads were shown alongside movie previews. Do you remember this commercial and the “Dig Dug Dance”?

Kid of the 80s

What were your favorite action figures from the 80s?

Kid of the 80s

What was your favorite plush toy from the 80s?

Kid of the 80s


Were you a Toys “R” Us Kid in the 80s?

The “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up” commercials and Geoffrey the Giraffe were everywhere in the 80s.

Charles Lazarus started Children’s Supermart (which would evolve into Toys “R” Us) in in 1948 as a baby-furniture retailer. The company operates more than 893 Toys “R” Us and Babies “R” Us stores in the United States, more than 730 international stores and over 205 licensed stores in 36 countries and jurisdictions.