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Kid of the 80s

QVC’s first live broadcast took place at 7:30 p.m. ET on November 24, 1986, reaching 7.6 million cable television homes. The first item sold was the “Windsor Shower Companion” shower radio.

Initially broadcast live from 7:30 p.m. until midnight ET each weekday and all day on Saturdays and Sundays, QVC extended its live programming to 24 hours in January 1987.

QVC set a record for first full-year fiscal sales for a new public company of $112 million.

QVC is an acronym for “Quality, Value, Convenience”.

Kid of the 80s


Happy Thanksgiving from Goosey Loosey, Turkey Lurkey, and Henny Penny!

Kid of the 80s

Mama’s Family originally aired on NBC, debuting on January 22, 1983. After several timeslot changes and subsequent drop in ratings the network cancelled the series, the final episode airing on April 7, 1984. NBC broadcast reruns until September 1985.

Two years after its cancellation, the original series producer decided to follow a lead that several other programs at the time had set and revive Mama’s Family for first-run syndication. The revived series premiered on September 27, 1986. The syndicated version garnered substantially higher ratings than did its network version, eventually becoming the highest rated sitcom in first-run syndication. Its four season-run ended on February 24, 1990.

Kid of the 80s

The Wonder Years aired for six seasons on ABC (1988-1993).

The cancellation of the show was partially blamed on conflict between producers and executives at ABC. As Kevin matured, the producers wanted the story lines to mature as well. However, the executives at ABC felt uncomfortable with more explicit content given the time slot.

Kid of the 80s


Ratings for Dynasty were unimpressive in the first season, but after the show was revamped to include Joan Collins it took off.

When Blake’s scheming ex-wife Alexis (Collins) joined the cast, Dynasty saw ratings enter the top twenty. By the fall of 1982, it was a top ten show, and by the spring of 1985, it was the number one show in the United States.

Other notable cast members included Linda Evans, Pamela Sue Martin, Lloyd Bochner, Heather Locklear, Michael Nader, Diahann Carroll, Emma Samms, Ted McGinley, Rock Hudson, Kate O’Mara and Stephanie Beacham.

The series declined considerably in popularity during its final two seasons, and it was ultimately cancelled in the spring of 1989 after nine seasons and 220 episodes. Dynasty ran on ABC from January 12, 1981 to May 11, 1989. A two-part mini-series, Dynasty: The Reunion, aired in October 1991.